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Arrow Kanagawa
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Welcome to the page of Cloud-Dream!I am the admin of this
Commission-ABDL-Arrow by CuteyTCat Chibi Arrow by :iconcuteytcat: (check out her gallery it's filled with adorableness!)

I’m a digital ABDL Otaku artist. I love to do these kinds of artwork: Diaper, age regression, and transgender navel play, yuri.
I have ADHD and autism so its a bit hard to understand things, but I can get along with “Almost” everyone. I’m not really picky, and touchy when it comes with people here on DA. I just want to meet new friends here and have a good time.

Please note I'm part of the ABDL community but please "No" baby talk. I want to be taken seriously and gain respect among my fellow ABDL artists. I will only do that in role playing otherwise please no baby talk.

Please “Do Not” bring up anything bad about me or something physically or emotionally happen to me unless your wishing me to get better or something like that.

If you hate my guts and/or my art then you hate them I don't care I draw this because I want to and its who I am.

But anyway welcome to my page and have a look around.

Mature Content

2017 Commissions Chart by Cloud-Dream

Commissions Info: Here are the Prices
Sketch: $5
Line Art: $10
Flat Color: $15
Cell Shaded: $20

Simple color background: Free
Simple background: $5
Complex Background: $7

I will only go up to 4 characters per commission!
Additional character: $2.00 (per character)

Little things like plushies will be free!

Now here are what I do and what I don't.
Will do: ABDL, Non-ABDL/Non-Fetish, Age Regression, Transgender, Navel Play, Yuri, Unbirth.

Don'ts: Blood, Gore, Sex, Furry (for now), Age Progression, water sports, other types of Vore, WG, diapered Pokemon

I don't get paid until you approve the sketch.

Looking forward to any commission you give me!

Commissions slot list:

1.: :iconpsyches1337:

Here a little more info about me =)
More about meWell since I been in the ABDL community for quite a long while  so I think it's time for you guys to get to know me a more.
I will share some personal information but only information I feel comfortable with sharing.
Well here lets get started.
In real life my name is Jeffrey. (I still prefer to be called Arrow)
How I became a ABDL was through looking up "anime in diapers" on ask that is what lead me to finding Diaperedanime also I tried on a bunch of my little sister's pulls Ups but I liked diapers more then pulls ups ^^;
I never sleep in and always wake up early. The only times I sleep in are days with I'm really sick, I like to get things done in the day so I don't have to worry about it later.
I can loose track of time and don't like getting interrupted when  I'm doing artwork since I have a have a little nasty habit of loosing time.
Yes I do overreact  but it's not because I'm mad or upset. It's because I don't understand whats going on, it's hard not to overreact w
More about Me 2How about another installment of info about me =3
Remember like last time I'm not sharing any personal information unless I feel comfortable with it.
I'm not a fan of Mortal Kombat.  Reasons: Scarred me when I was a child along with the games War Gods and Turok 3 Shadows of Oblivion and Babyality. A ear rape in my opinion.
I love crossovers. There so much fun, interesting, and so creative.
My first Vocaloid song I ever listened to was Triple Baka.
I still have the very first manga I ever read. Which was Pokemon.
I'm not much a live action fan. Ya  I know it kinda seems weird but I think there just making themselves look like idiots but there just acting. There getting paid for it so ya. It's just a opinion.
The first video game boss that totally scarred me when I was a kid was Robot Andross from Star Fox 64.  Do I really need to explain?  I mean look at him!
Those ey

Waiting on Art Trade response from:

Waiting on for Request:

Waiting on a Commission from:

User of :thumb384379780: and a Tablet User STAMP by Drayuu
sometimes a Stamp - Mouse User by firstfear when I'm just lazy lol =3

FREE Commission:Open Button by Hunibi FREE Collaboration Open Button by Hunibi Free Art Trade Open Button by Hunibi FREE Request Open Button by Hunibi No ACEOS by Enjoumou No Kiribans by Enjoumou No Point Commissions by SweetDuke Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke
FREE Request Special Button by Hunibi <--- For ether special occasions, a way of saying thanks (If I helped you out with anything really important), or to challenge myself.

Now first when I say "special occasions" I do not mean birthdays. I draw birthday gifts to people who really mean a lot to me and helped get over the negatives that had happen in the past and also if i have time to draw them.

Now to explain how this system works.

For special occasions are for events both good or bad and you want something draw to celebrate it. For example your friend is in the hospital and you want to wish them the best of luck with a picture. The person request a picture and I will do it.

A way of saying thanks pretty much speaks for itself.

Now for the challenges. You see if your a really good artist and well known or got more watchers (which I know that not important) and you request me to do a picture I will accept. It will give me a chance to see if you like my style.

Please note that I do have the power to decline if I don't feel comfortable doing it and also don't expect them to be done at any cretin date
Credit goes to :iconhunibi:, :iconenjoumou:, and :iconsweetduke:

I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy :thumb293929291: :thumb185047658: Impossible Dreams by HarmonicSonic My Art, My Rules by Survey-chan By Me, for Me by savagebinn More time... by prosaix

Smash Teams by MoonwolfYouthOtaku

:thumb316280460: Nico Nico Douga <3

AB check list.

Diapers: obtained

Pacifiers and One Adult one:

Plastic Pants: obtained

Plushies: obtianed

Aww So Cute Inflatable Crib:

Onesie: obtained

Please check out my other pages!

Facebook Icon by MoonwolfYouthOtaku Facebook:…

DA icon by MoonwolfYouthOtaku Deviantart: You are here.

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The Play Pen by Cloud-Dream
Stating today I am now on Twitter. If your ever on the go and want to know what i'm up to and many other things feel free to check out my Twitter at any time.

My Twitter is… Twitter!

So feel free to follow me on Twitter at anytime. The page is still in construction however and it's late at night XD
  • Listening to: 0.2 Birth By Sleep OST
  • Watching: Regi and Tagia
  • Playing: Dream Drop Distance HD, Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Sushi
  • Drinking: Coca-cola


Stating today I am now on Twitter. If your ever on the go and want to know what i'm up to and many other things feel free to check out my Twitter at any time.

My Twitter is… Twitter!

So feel free to follow me on Twitter at anytime. The page is still in construction however and it's late at night XD
  • Listening to: 0.2 Birth By Sleep OST
  • Watching: Regi and Tagia
  • Playing: Dream Drop Distance HD, Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Sushi
  • Drinking: Coca-cola
Pshycs commission ABDL Content Warning!
Please not that all characters in this picture are over 18 years old!

This is a flat color commission for :iconpsyches1337: He wanted the main cast of Magical doremi diapered up but some getting spanked while 1 getting ready to be spanked.

Thanks for the commissioning me :iconpsyches1337: Remember guys that I am open for commissions!
Could Age Regression in anime be a subtle sign that Japan really is concern with the birth rate with their own nation?  

I wouldn't surprise it is since it's really bad right now. Though looking back at some animes I have watch AR has been coming up in a lot of them. So I wouldn't be surprised honestly.

Though if you wanted to AR by music then give it something that has to do with age like this "The Serenade of Youth" but age regression through a song called lullaby just baffles me. It more sounds like that the song should have put people to sleep since that's what lullabies are for but nope age regression...

I mean it would have been funny if the it put to sleep that why he can never meet is precious Beethoven senpai and we will just keep on laughing, but since they did age regression it just makes it really disturbing.

I go what the Douge said that comedy is based on misery. If you want a really funny anime then go watch Nyankoi. If you want AR by music at least do it in a way it make scene since it seemed to only just appear randomly in the episode.
  • Listening to: 0.2 Birth By Sleep OST
  • Watching: Regi and Tagia
  • Playing: Dream Drop Distance HD, Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Sushi
  • Drinking: Coca-cola…

This made more scenes then some song that age regresses people! 


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I want to get a premium membership for this page since I got one for my other account please donate to help out with getting one every point counts <3

You may also donate points to pay Point commissions =)

Points might not worth much outside of the DA but you never know when they will come in handy!

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